Artist Q & A: PJ de Villiers

By Anne-Sophie Benoist. 6th February 2020.

Peter John de Villiers has been a passionate snowboarder since the age of 13. Having worked with industry heavyweights such as Vimana and YES snowboards, he has turned his eye to the outdoor industry and now, the ski world.

We checked in with PJ on his inspiration in the studio and on snow.

TFC: At the inception of Faction Skis in 2006, we were inspired by the way snowboard injected fun back into snow sports – as a long-time snowboarder - what do you think skiing can learn from snowboarding?

Keep it fun and keep it real.

TFC: Antti Ollila has some history on the competition scene but prefers the medium of film and freeskiing for progressing his skiing. What do you think of the FIS competition scene versus skiers and snowboarders who push the level on their own clock?

I personally prefer the type of creativity coming out of the riders who are doing it on their own terms, making interesting edits, finding new locations, looking for different ways of approaching things. I think Antti fits that profile and I can understand why he moved from competition to interpret skiing from a more authentic place.

TFC: Do you prefer riding pow or freestyle / park riding?

It’s all the same, just go for whatever makes you happy on the day. I personally like a good day in fresh powder.

TFC: Do you feel flow in the studio as well as in nature? How would you compare those feelings?

They are very similar, it’s all about finding that moment that pulls you out of yourself and makes you live in the present. I get that in both places and need the contrast of the experiences to keep it interesting - both mechanisms kind of drive each other.

TFC: What skiers and snowboarders inspire you?

The ones that are enjoying themselves the most!

TFC: What does a day on the mountain look like for you?

Hopefully it would start off with a solid snowfall over night followed by a blue bird. I would hop on the catski at my local resort Harpefossen, get some nice pow turns in the backcountry, eat a tasty lunch, maybe a hot cocoa, grab a few more runs, and call it a day. Head back to the cabin, make a fire, relax. That’s a perfect day in my book.

TFC: What do you think about the way art intersects with sport on collaborations like the FACTION x DRAGON x PJ COLLAB?

If feels natural, the creativity from all sides is what brings us together. We´re all in it for the good time and it feels like it’s working out well to meld quality products with a more considered aesthetic.


TFC: Can you tell us about the thought process behind the artwork on the PJ Collab?

Quite often the artwork will reveal itself to me in the process of making it. I don’t know exactly how it will look before I am done, but at some point, I know it’s finished. I am playing with big themes such as life and death - and everything in between. Because this pretty much covers any subject or inspiration possible, I let it evolve naturally and trust the process will reveal something unique.


• 127/98/199mm

• RADIUS 20m @ 183cm

• WEIGHT 1750g @ 183cm

• TIP ROCKER - 365 / CAMBER - 4 / TAIL ROCKER - 295 

• LENGTHS 171 / 177 / 183 / 189cm






• FLEX 7/10

To win a pair of the Dragon x Faction Prodigy 2.0 PJ Collab Skis, head over to @factionskis instagram - follow the account and tag 3x friends in the comments.