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Behind The X-Series

    The X-Series is Faction’s women’s range. Every X-Model has the exact same shape, construction and materials as the main range – but with alternate top sheets.

    We don’t believe that women require softer skis made of cheaper materials. Our research has shown that ski choice for men and women is according to weight and ability. Through Faction’s main range and the X-Series, there’s a perfect ski for every skier.

    The Prodigy 1.0x is possibly the most successful ski in competitive freestyle skiing right now. It is the weapon of choice for our phenomenally talented women’s team who are sweeping up podiums from X-Games, to Olympics and every podium in between.

    Kelly Sildaru, when asked about the Prodigy X-Series artwork, said “The feminine graphics on the Prodigy X Series give women a strong message that these skis are built for them -which I think is really powerful”. Other women from our team however, are not so hot on pink. We hear it - which is why we have the main range available in the exact same construction, with different colourways. We’re constantly striving to offer a diverse range of kick ass skis for women who rip - choice is a key factor in that.

    The X-Series gives us space to celebrate and be inspired by the Faction women who are changing the face of freeskiing every damn day they hit the mountain.

    Faction Women: What We ski

    It’s well-known that Kelly Sildaru, Sarah Hoefflin and Elisabeth Gerritzen are catalysts of change within freeride and freestyle skiing. But what’s lesser known is that within Faction Skis, Senior Management is driven by a team of strong women. Across both competitive athletes and the industry professionals within Faction Skis, we all make different choices with regards to ski models and graphics – here are a few thoughts from the Faction women on how they chose their tools of escape.

    Sarah Hoefflin - X Games Gold Medalist

    19/20 CT 3.0x + 19/20 Prodigy 1.0x

    "For competition skiing, I’m all about the Prodigy 1.0x – it has the perfect dimensions, pop and flex for everything I like to do in the park.

    For backcountry skiing I’ve been riding the new Candide Thovex 3.0x – it’s the fun-est thing for shredding pow and of course it’s special to have a graphic designed by Candide Thovex - the G.O.A.T!"


    19/20 Agent 2.0x + 19/20 Dictator 3.0

    "I’ve always been a big fan of the Dictator lineup – especially now the 19/20 ski has been updated to make these absolute beasts much more playful. The 3.0 is my pow ski, but for touring and everyday resort shreds the Agent 2.0x is my go-to."


    18/19 Prodigy 4.0 + 19/20 Dictator 3.0

    "I like the Prodigy 4.0 because it pops and is also stable for landing cliffs; I’ve been skiing this for the last two seasons on the Freeride World Tour. I’m just about to switch to the Dictator 3.0 because the new shape looks epic. AND while I like the pink in the CT X Series, I don’t like the pink in the Prodigy’s – is that weird?!"


    19/20 Prodigy 1.0x

    "I like the Prodigy 1.0x because the skis are pretty light so it’s easy for doing tricks. The feminine graphics on the Prodigy X Series give women a strong message that these skis are built for them - which I think is really powerful."


    19/20 Dictator 1.0x

    "As I am leading the finance team, naturally I’m going to gravitate towards the green skis! Aside from colour clichés, I like that it’s stable across the whole mountain and the new sidecut makes the ski turn for you."


    19/20 Dictator 3.0

    "The Dictator 3.0 is what I compete on in the Freeride Junior Tour. It’s the perfect size, shape and feel for freeride."

    Marion Charpenet –HEAD OF APPAREL

    19/20 Dictator 2.0x

    "I really enjoy those skis because I can go anywhere I want: on piste / off piste / powder / tree skiing – it’s all good with the Dictator 2.0x. I like how rigid the ski is and I love to make a monochrome set up by matching the bright pink ski with the bright pink poles."

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