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Candide Thovex Wins Skier of the Year at Powder Awards 2018

    It's official, Candide Thovex has won "Skier Of The Year" at the 2018 Powder Awards Powder Poll, for the third year in a row.

    A massive congratulations from everyone at The Faction Collective goes out to the master from Balme on another well-deserved accolade. It marks another year where we have had the privilege to watch and support Candide take his skiing to new levels, always bringing his fresh and unique perspective on freeskiing.

    Candide took his skiing to impossible places again in 2018, most notably with the release of his "Ski The World" video project (below) in which Candide tears up all conditions on every corner of the earth - all except for snow. Candide slashes wind-lips of volcanic ash, airs out double backflips to rock landings and tail drags his way down the great wall of China at full speed.

    The video broke the internet, racking up over 60 million views and winning five prestigious Cannes Lions. We know you've seen it, but it's definitely worth another watch.

    As well as breaking the internet with "Ski The World" and various other jaw-dropping clips published on Facebook and Instagram, Candide also brought us a new pro model in his line-up of signature skis, the CT 5.0. Starting with a limited edition launch at the back-end of Winter 2017/18, 200 numbered pairs were made available as an early release for fans worldwide.

    Today, all 2018/19 CT Signature Series Skis are now available, from the park-specific 1.0, to the freestyle all-mountain 2.0, do-it-all 3.0, powder plundering 4.0 and Candide's ski of choice, the 5.0.

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