By Jack Fraser. 8th November 2022.


Night laps, sidehits, powder and spring slush, from the dark nights of Northern Finland to the snowy and sunny Alps in the winter of 2022. Dusk is a skiing shortfilm created by Antti Ollila and Joonas Mattila.

“I just wanted to make a film that showcases the way I like to ski, the tricks I enjoy, the terrain and features that are fun to me, what feels good. Hopefully this film makes you want to get out there and ride the mountain, hill or whatever you got, the way you like it.” -Antti

Presented by: Quiksilver, Faction Skis and Julbo Eyewear

Featuring: Antti Ollila, Joona Kangas and Pontus Penttilä

Music: Verma - Salted Earth

Cover shot by: Germain Favre-Felix