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MAGMA – Film with Alex Hall

    One of the independent ski films of the year is finally here: MAGMA, by Alex Hall, Hunter Hess and Owen Dahlberg. Inspired by legendary film pieces such as Sammy Carlson’s “On Top Of The Hood, the crew focused their gaze on Oregon’s tallest and most iconic volcano, Mt. Hood, as the setting for a completely man-powered, ski film masterclass.

    A video by Owen Dahlberg.

    Featuring: Alex Hall, Hunter Hess, Owen Dahlberg.

    In their words:

    MAGMA is a ski movie made for the love. No sponsors, No funding, just purely for the love of skiing. MAGMA was filmed in a month at Mt. Hood with a few shots from Mt. Bachelor & South Sister. We want to show everyone what this place means to us and how we have been inspired to create MAGMA. Thank you to those who have inspired us and for everyone’s support. With a lot of love. PLEASE ENJOY MAGMA.

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