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RAW SERIES: S01 E04 | Koga Hoshino



    S01 E04: Koga Hoshino


    Concluding the first season of the RAW SERIES, we visit Niigata, Japan. Koga Hoshino presents 'MIND'. He makes his hometown his outdoor workshop, hangout, and unrestricted space for creative expression.

    'MIND' revisits familiar settings from the Japanese segment of Abstract: A Freeski Exhibition. In these snow-laden urban surroundings, Koga gives us a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energy of his craft, his crew, and his town, through his eyes.


    Introducing the RAW SERIES. A forum for our athletes’ unfiltered creative expression. There are no guidelines. RAW SERIES is the product of our athletes’ own unique visions; their inventive skiing styles; their choice of creative partners; and their direction in editing. The result is a series of short films that meld skiing innovation with artistry and depth of spirit.

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