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RAW SERIES: S01 E01 | Sebi Mall



    S01 E01: Sebi Mall


    We launch into the first episode of the RAW SERIES. Sebi masters the art of thriving in any conditions in the Dolomites. Supported by Arc'teryx and Db.

    “Last year I got the opportunity to film my part for Faction's RAW SERIES, after coming back from an ACL injury I was really hyped on doing so. A dry and dangerous winter made things different as expected, instead of being in fresh snow in February, I found myself on slushy Park jumps in the Dolomites. So I’m really happy on how everything turned out in the end and definitely even more excited for the upcoming season.”


    Introducing the RAW SERIES. A forum for our athletes’ unfiltered creative expression. There are no guidelines. RAW SERIES is the product of our athletes’ own unique visions; their inventive skiing styles; their choice of creative partners; and their direction in editing. The result is a series of short films that meld skiing innovation with artistry and depth of spirit.

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