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Sänkyøu | Short Film in Svalbard





    Swiss freeskiing athletes Sarah Hoefflin, Guilia Tanno and Mathilde Gremaud are whisked away to the mythical Arctic island of Svalbard, Norway, punctuated with dramatic fjords and incredible touring itineraries. Here, they step outside the freestyle terrain park and put their skills to the test in a brand new environment: the wild backyards of the Arctic Circle, where pristine, steep snow couloirs meet with the Arctic Ocean.

    "You just have these beautiful mountains just sticking up straight out of the water."

    "When we were on top of the mountain and when you clip into your skis, and I thought, OK, yeah, actually I know how to ski, I just have to trust myself I can also ski down this type of mountain and not just the park. I think it has a lot to do with just trusting yourself and realize, ‘I got this’".

    "I compete in big air and freestyle. I was pretty busy with the end of the season, and I didn’t really have time to think about what we were going to do… now having experienced it, I think it was way cooler than I expected."

    Produced by Rogue Otter Studios
    Images by Will Derrick

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