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Studio 1 Alex Hall: The Edit



    Studio 1 Alex Hall


    For those who know Alex Hall, he moves through life with an understated character and wild spark that lives beneath. The topsheet of his signature ski takes this same approach; flip the lid and you’ll uncover a world of fun and inspiration, through a colorful collage of vintage, VHS-grain still frames.

    These frames display a world of yesteryear with stills from “Dad and Homies 1975”, a reel dripping with the style of slender skis and massive airtime from Alex’s father and his crew. It’s plain to see, style runs in the family.

    Watch the edit 'Dad and Homies 1975' below, filmed in Colorado. Step into this gem that is immortalized on the base of this limited-release ski.

    Featuring Alex's father MH "Ball Boy" Hall, Michael J. Keate, "Air Bear" Van Watts, "Big T" Tracy Smith, Mr. Kurt Jones & Johnny Rapp. The golden days.


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