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Collective activism for a sustainable future

    At Faction, we believe in Collective activism for a sustainable future.

    There are over 40 important government elections across the globe in 2020. Participating in these elections is essential to protecting our planet, our people, and our outdoor sports. We hope that you will engage at least with your vote, and perhaps even more with your time.

    A Faction is by definition a movement catalyzing change. Activism is in our DNA. We are at a tangible tipping point with the climate crisis. In positive news, the tools promoting knowledge and social action have never been so available to the many to hold governments accountable.

    Now is the time to use our collective voice to move mountains, to catalyze policy change and to educate to deliver the environmentally viable and socially equitable future we believe in.

    Showing up to the polls is one of the best ways that you can make your voice heard. Our U.S. employees have been given the day off on Election Day to vote and if they wish to do so, to volunteer in ways that reflect their personal values.

    For guidance with the U.S. election, to be held on Tuesday, November 3, consider the following tools:

    POW Action Fund Voter Guidebook

    See who’s a climate advocate, and who’s a climate crisis denier.

    Vote411 Voter Guide

    Review information about your local candidates, up and down your ballot.

    At Faction, we’re standing up for our sustainable future values and the importance of voting in many ways:

    — Pledge to vote tool —

    For the month of October we have featured a “Pledge to Vote” widget on factionskis.com, in collaboration with Protect Our Winters—a valued partner of ours. The widget provides quick & easy assistance with checking your voter registration, requesting an absentee ballot, education on candidates’ voting records, finding polling places, and making a plan to vote.

    — Partnering with 1% for the Planet

    As a proud partner of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of all sales of our Agent Series skis to approved environmental non-profits. 1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

    — Partnering with Coombs Outdoors

    Coombs Outdoors is the Wyoming-based group that is committed to empowering youth to reach their full potential through the power of skiing and the outdoors, irrespective of socio-economic, racial or cultural barriers. In addition to lending support, we share the stories of Coombs Outdoors’ kids to inspire positive change within our Collective.

    — Time off to vote —

    We encourage our employees to take time off from work to exercise their right to vote and to volunteer for policy, candidate or parties as they see fit.

    If we act now, and act collectively, we can create change.

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