The Faction Collective designs, manufactures, engages in dialogue about and sells quality skis and clothing in 35 countries. We manage a portfolio of brands using the strength of our design & manufacturing teams and global sales and communications platforms.  We have grown from our first batch of 190 skis in 2007 to 24,000 excited riders ripping on our handiwork around the world this season.

We seek a strong manager with vision to lead our lean, talented, global marketing team.  Engaging with our fans, who are the reason we exist, is at the heart of this role.

The role reports to the CEO with close interaction and guidance from the Brand & Design and Sales Directors.  

The role is demanding – Faction is a lean company with high expectations; Our team is motivated and our customers and colleagues expect the best. Equally the position offers a unique opportunity to be part of a business that touches our passions and those of our fans. 

For us, marketing is not advertising, it’s not about capturing consumers, it’s about engaging with and building lifelong relationships with a special Collective of outdoors fans.  Our communications, our events and our vision is primarily organic, and focused on raising the game – our own and that of our industry.  And an obsession for the mountains, escape and skiing is a must.

We are a hybrid of our origins – part passionate, product-led Collective, part fast-paced lean startup; This generates a very high standard of expectations for operations accountability and technical literacy as well as the creative and story-focus that will inspire our fans as we ourselves are inspired by them.

We are a team of doers; While many in our team have a great deal of experience, there is no room for people to purely oversee, advise and direct proceedings. 

Our operations are geographically-diverse. Our headquarters is in the Swiss mountains where Design, Brand, R&D, European Sales and Marketing are centered; we have key team members in Shoreditch where fashion, design and digital are at the top of the global game, and our North American operations are managed out of Colorado.

Our people are a unique mix of high-performers who are down to earth and recognize that ideas are only as good as their implementation.                                                              


 Brand management

  • Develop and lead a digitally focused marketing strategy
  • Tactical implementation of core brand values
  • Manage the marketing budget across global markets

 Content development

  • Film and visual asset creation – both concept and production
  • Copy briefing and editing
  • Design awareness


  • Digital native
  • Analytics with a strong focus on reviewing and improving
  • Successful partnerships, i.e., with resorts, aligned partners
  • Fan event management with clear impact

 Trade partner success communication

  • Full-year communications, supporting assets – print & digital
  • Trade event management (we run several globally annually)
  • Sales meeting event management
  • Visual merchandising, POP & sales team support for retail activation

 Management & leadership

  • Clear logical thinker
  • Strong communicator
  • Eat the dogfood, walk the walk
  • Management experience
  • Strong presentation skills

Product development interaction

  • Continuous two-way communication with the product development team
  • Researching market needs based on real cases, not just statistics and ‘personas’
  • Assessing existing product feedback and defining priority improvements

Athlete management

  • Athlete assessment, cultivation and direction
  • Right balance of personal fit and brand impact
  • Empowering the athlete team members to grow personally and professionally

The role will be based either in Verbier, Switzerland or Innsbruck, Austria where core product and marketing activities are developed.  In an exceptional case the role can be based in Shoreditch, London. 


  • A university degree
  • At least ten years experience in marketing
  • Ideal candidates will have brand experience with soul-oriented brands
  • Apparel experience a plus
  • French language skills a plus
  • Strong facility with modern business tools, from digital systems to presentation management and development software to VOIP and other means of productive communications
  • A ‘startup’ mentality – things get done because we make them happen
  • It would be unlikely that a candidate who is not an avid skier would fit the profile

Perks include Faction product, an expectation to use that product on the mountains, and the ability to be a part of and help a talented team build on something special in action sports and apparel today.


We believe that people are demanding more from their products - their skis, their clothes, everything they use.  Not just marketing guff - quality craftsmanship, heart and soul we can relate to.  And sharing it all with friends.

From a few skis in a run of 190 pairs back then, today our skis, jackets and films have won over 100 awards and more importantly we are shipping 24,000 skis in 2017-18 for riders in 35 countries.  

Online, we work with personalities, with great stories and in doing so we hope to inspire everyone to get out and ride. We are obsessed with progression, making our products better each year, and so we invest in giving the best to our fans and retail partners.

As a result, our sales have grown an average of over 50% over the past five years.  We believe that buyers' appetite for quality continues to grow and are working to earn that kind of growth rate for years to come.  

We bring a commitment to growing our team both professionally and personally, as well.  For those of us creating this little company with ambitions to excite fans everywhere, it's a dream job.  It's also intense, with long hours on the road, in the workshop, online and on-snow.  We operate with an ethos of trust, being different, taking responsibility, and we respect the Collective. 

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