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Candide Thovex Skis The World

    Is there a better skier on the planet?

    Candide is back, directing his next film with Audi to launch the e-tron quattro2® - and yet again he totally redefines what is possible on skis.

    From bricks to sand to lava to water and everything else between, Candide journeyed to the corners of the Earth and tore up every condition our world has to offer all in signature style... except for snow.

    We are all about quality construction and durability. Candide rode unmodified, off-the-shelf skis for 95% of the shoot.

    Despite all of the abuse - stone stairs to jungle floors - only one single ski had to be retired during his epic voyage across the world.

    Check out more of Candide in THIS IS HOME, as he shreds his home resort with 10 year old prodigy, Henry Sildaru.


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