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Verbier Mountain Cleanup

    two women and one man smiling holding rubbish bags at chest height

    On Earth Day, April 22nd 2022, our Faction Verbier team hosted a Mountain Cleanup event to encourage the local community to cleanup their home resort at the end of the season by going out into the mountains and picking up any rubbish they could find.

    Once everyone had done their best to pick up as much rubbish as possible, they returned it to our Faction team who sorted through everything and divided up the rubbish into what could be recycled and what would be thrown away as mixed waste.

    women picking up rubbish in field with mountains in the background


    three women and two men smilling holding rubbish bags


    two women and one man sorting through rubbish


    People then had the opportunity to wander around our sustainability hub that included Protect Our Winters Switzerland, La Benifrip and Verbier Green. POW Switzerland gave some tips on how to lead a more sustainable life and the importance of protecting our winters.

    Man in front of an outdoor table talking to a young boy, a young girl and two women

    Man with grey cap leaning over brand table

    We also had the Verbier-based sustainable fashion popup La Benifrip present to sell some second-hand clothes, highlighting the impact of fast fashion on the environment and why slow fashion and second hand shopping is the way forward.

    clothes hung on a clothing rack outdoors

    La Benifrip clothing stand promoting slow fashion

    The locally run recycling company Verbier Green partnered with our Faction team to make the day a great success and ensure that all recyclables ended up in the right place.

    bearded man with white hat lifting heavy rubbish bag

    Josh from Verbier Green helping pick up rubbish and talking about the importance of recycling

    “The world has enough plastic bottles - we don’t need anymore. What we do need is for people to recycle their plastic bottles so that they can be re-used and created into something else.” - Josh Speller, founder of Verbier Green, on the importance of recycling.

    bearded man with white hat smiling holding big rubbish bag

    We ended up with a whopping 105kg (45kg of recyclables and 60kg of mixed waste) collected from the mountains and town of Verbier. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the mountain cleanup. We know that it is our Collective responsibility to take care of our mountain playgrounds for future generations, and grassroots action and community events can go a long way towards achieving this goal. Earth Day is every day, and every positive action for the planet helps.

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