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Vote Now. Ride Later.

    Melting glaciers, shortening winters, collapsing trails, an increasingly unstable snowpack: as skiers and mountain lovers we are already feeling the effects of the climate crisis in our everyday lives.

    Since we, the outdoor industry, contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions, it can be difficult to speak up. However, by supporting local initiatives and working to reduce our own emissions, we hope to become leaders of change within our industry. At Faction, we believe in Collective activism for a sustainable future, and that using your vote for the planet is one of the best ways you can make your voice heard.

    That’s why we’re voting in our backyard, supporting Protect Our Winters Switzerland in their campaign to promote Switzerland’s pioneering new CO2 bill that will be voted on in a ballot on June 13, 2021. Every year, crucial elections and votes take place across the globe, the results of which have profound and lasting repercussions for the planet, people and the outdoor spaces we hold dear - this is one of those votes.

    The message is simple: Vote Now. Ride Later.

    What is the Swiss CO2 Bill?

    The CO2 bill is revised every ten years and is the most important instrument of Swiss climate policy. On June 13, 2021, the Swiss electorate will vote on amendments to this bill that will define Switzerland's climate protection measures for the period 2022 - 2030.

    The main goal is to halve Swiss CO2 emissions by 2030 - relative to 1990 levels. Key areas of the new law include the establishment of a climate fund, controls on automotive traffic, reduction of air travel, a shift away from fossil fuel use towards climate-friendly heating systems, and a regular review of climate risks arising from Switzerland’s financial activities. If voted in, it will be one of the most ambitious climate change policies of our time, offering a blueprint for other countries to follow.


    It is now more important than ever to act on climate change. By teaming up with POW Switzerland for their campaign «Vote Now. Ride Later.» on the CO2 bill, we underline our commitment for a healthy planet. This summer, turn your passion into purpose.

    For more information, head to: www.votenowridelater.ch
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