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We’re taking responsibility for our footprint

    We’re making steps on our climate journey, and in particular on our carbon footprint measurement. With this added visibility over our emissions, we have established targets to offset all of our direct and indirect emissions. Read on to find out how we are taking responsibility.

    Our contribution to global carbon neutrality

    In the face of the current climate emergency, the world must stop emitting carbon into the atmosphere. This means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible and then offsetting what cannot be reduced to achieve global carbon neutrality and net zero emissions. We want to be able to enjoy our mountain playground for many years to come, so we are making big efforts to take responsibility for the part we play in global emissions.

    What is measured can be managed

    We calculate our carbon footprint, which includes everything from our employees’ commutes to the carbon footprint of our skis. This breakdown helps us to know exactly where we can make the biggest reductions. Our climate strategy consists of measuring our carbon footprint, analyzing where we can make significant and efficient reductions and finally offsetting what cannot be reduced to contribute to world carbon neutrality. Offsetting is good, but long-term reductions are better!

    Our reductions start at home

    80% of our office energy is renewable, and our goal is to have 100% renewable office energy by 2026. Since our team is spread all over the world, video conferencing is central to our working practices. When travel is required, we opt for the most eco-friendly mode of transport whenever possible.

    Our reductions are more impactful in our production chain

    • We are already producing our skis with 100% renewable energy, which leads to an almost 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional ski production.
    • While energy is the biggest factor, ski materials also make a significant impact, so we will continue creating innovative skis such as the Agent 4.0 POW Collab featuring bio-based resin and recycled materials.
    • Our wood cores are locally sourced, renewable and FSC Certified. To reduce our footprint further we aim to incorporate more recycled materials into our skis.
    • Air freight is well known as the most carbon intensive transport method. Currently, 20% of all our shipping is done via air freight, yet it represents 19.5% of our total footprint. As such, whenever possible we are prioritizing alternative, less intensive, shipping methods such as ocean freight.

    OUR Offsetting

    For the 20|21 season we offset our scope 1, 2 and a portion of our scope 3 emissions which resulted in 618,000 kgs of CO2 (equivalent to 1.9 million km driven by car). The scopes are an easy way to split carbon emissions into direct and indirect company emissions:

    • Scope 1 - any direct emissions by owned or controlled sources, for example the Faction vehicle fleet which we use to transport all of our skis to demos.
    • Scope 2 - all indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating or cooling - essentially how we heat our offices throughout cold, snowy winters.
    • Scope 3 - all other indirect emissions that happen in our value chain, such as employee business travel, our supply chain to get our skis to your front door, the procurement of raw materials and energy production to build our quality skis.

    Our climate journey is just beginning - we aim to eventually offset all of our direct and indirect emissions to become net zero. See here for how we offset our emissions it with Climate Partner.

    Net Zero

    We have joined the B Corp Climate Collective and are creating a Reduction Action Plan to commit to becoming Net Zero by 2030. To become Net Zero, every kg of CO2 that we produce must be removed from the atmosphere through reduction efforts and offsets.

    At Faction, this means that we will reduce our emissions as much as possible and then offset what we cannot reduce.

    Collective activism for a sustainable future

    Do you want to be more carbon conscious?

    • Calculate your own carbon footprint: There are loads of apps out there, such as Klima, Pawprint and Nos Gestes Climat, which help you calculate your footprint and compare it to the regional average.
    • Leave No Trace: When you’re out and about in the mountains make sure to dispose of your waste and never leave it in the mountains.
    • Try ski touring: All ski lifts are powered by energy that creates emissions. Why not take a day to escape the crowds and go ski touring? Try out our Agent Series for a sublime ski touring experience.
    • Sustainable transport: Our friends at Protect Our Winters Switzerland are encouraging everyone to swap out their cars for more sustainable modes of transport like trains, buses or even car-shares with your buddies.
    • Look after your skis: Take extra care of your skis to extend their life cycle; use biodegradable and eco-friendly wax and repair your skis when you can instead of replacing them! Check out our product care page for more tips.

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