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Kengo X Faction Skis X Stance Socks Collab

    Stance Socks have teamed up with Faction Skis for a collab capsule of skis and socks that features the mesmerising artwork of Kengo Kimura. Using skateboards, snowboards and skis as his canvasses, Kengo’s art is inspired by the mythical and wild, snowy mountains of his native Niigata, Japan. 

    • Sold in limited edition packs with the Kengo Collab Prodigy 2.0 ski, Poles and Stance Socks.

    • Release Date 15th november 2019

    • Any retailer who purchases at least 1x limited edition pack containing the Kengo Collab Prodigy 2.0 Ski, Red Faction Poles and Kengo Stance sock is then able to buy the skis flat

    • To support sales with our retail partners, we are investing in a PR push around the collab products within our press network and also with the wider network of Stance Socks and their PR Agencies.

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