We're incredibly proud to present you our line-up for the upcoming season.

Coming August 2020

20|21 Line-Up

The Agent Series

The Agent Series is our solution for a modern, lightweight touring ski that’s highly efficient on the way up and absolutely epic going down. Using a Karuba wood core for responsive, rebounding flex and a carbon weave to boost rigidity and stability, the Agent models are your best friend — whether you’re searching for early season backcountry treasures or have your eyes set on that springtime couloir mission. So, go ahead: escape the crowds and earn yourself those untouched goods. Faction’s 20|21 Agent Series includes the Agent 1.0, Agent 1.0X, Agent 2.0, Agent 2.0X and the all-new Agent 3.0, Agent 3.0X and the Agent 4.0.

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20|21 Line-Up


Imagine your classic freeride flat-tail rebooted into the 21st century — there you have Faction's 20|21 Dictator Series. Designed with poplar cores reinforced by two burly sheets of metal, the Dictator Series is built for fast, furious performance in freeride. Beyond the skis’ rock-steady stability and edge hold, a healthy dose of tip and tail rocker allows for Mach 10 crud-busting and enhanced float in soft-snow conditions. Additionally, our elliptical sidecut design allows for surprisingly nimble, no-hook handling. Perfect for that elusive couloir and for arcing turns on formidable mountain faces, the Dictator Series is for those who want to push themselves right to the brink of their limits. Say it once, and say it loud: “STAY METAL.”  Faction’s 20|21 Dictator Series includes the Dictator 1.0, Dictator 1.0X, Dictator 2.0, Dictator 2.0X, Dictator 3.0 and the respectively brand-new and updated Dictator 3.0X and Dictator 4.0.

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20|21 LINE-UP


Thoughtfully crafted from the durable topsheets all the way down to the perfectly finished bases, Faction's 20|21 Prodigy Series represents all that Faction stands for: Progression. Responsive wood cores, directional twin-tip shapes and versatile camber lines deliver confidence-inspiring performance. Quick to respond to commands and ultra easy to handle, the Prodigy skis are designed to elevate the skier’s game. Faction’s 20|21 Prodigy Series includes the Prodigy 1.0, Prodigy 1.0X, Prodigy 2.0, Prodigy 2.0X, the updated Prodigy 3.0 and Prodigy 4.0; and the all-new Prodigy 3.0X. For the young shredders, we also have the youth skis, Prodigy 0.5 and Prodigy 0.5X.

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20|21 Line-Up


Candide Thovex’s Signature skis are responsive, high performance machines for those who demand the very best from their equipment, just like the legend himself. The Faction Collective have relentlessly mixed the most reliable materials with modern shapes and camber lines in order to create the perfect tools across all freeski disciplines. Beginning with the ultra-fat CT 5.0, the magic shape is retrofitted for each sibling in a precise delta: the shape is reflected in the new, park-specific, reinforced CT 1.0; the redesigned, ultra-versatile, always-in-demand CT 2.0; and the lightweight, backcountry-freestyle-inspired CT 3.0. Our fans want to shred like Candide — these are the skis he rips, straight out of the box. Faction’s 20|21 CT Series includes the updated CT 1.0, CT 2.0 and 2.0x; the CT 3.0, CT 3.0x and CT 5.0, the CT 2.0 YTH and the CT 0.5.

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20|21 Line-UP


Our “X” branded models are built to celebrate and inspire women. The tools of choice for our Olympic and X Games champions — including names like Kelly Sildaru, Sarah Hoefflin and Mathilde Gremaud — the X Series represents their X factor: the special force that pioneers progression and effects positive change in the sport. The X models feature the exact same quality construction and premium materials found in all of our skis and are differentiated only by alternate artwork. “X” branded models can be found in the Agent, Dictator, CT and Prodigy Series.

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20|21 Line-Up


Outcast Series are throwback designs brought into the modern day to crash the party. A classic mogul ski to eat up the bumps, a monoboard to turn heads wherever you go and a freeride flat tail made to ski the deepest powder. Fashions and trends come and go, but The Outcasts are here to stay. Faction's 20|21 Outcast Series includes Le Mogul, Le Mono and La Machine. 

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