Collective Box FAQ

Interested in grabbing yourself a Collective Box full of awesome products, but have some questions? Have a read of our FAQs below to see if the answer is there. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can contact us on Live Chat, or drop us an email here:


  • One of the items in the box is not the right size for me, can I exchange it?
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange the Collective Box or particular items found inside for another item(s).

  • I am not super stoked with what’s in the box, can I return it and get a refund?
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to return the Collective Box or any of the particular items found inside for a refund.

  • How many Golden Tickets are there to win?
  • There are a total of five (5) Golden Tickets to win.

  • I am part of the Pro Collective, does my discount apply on the Collective Box?
  • The Collective Box is not included in the Pro Collective program, sorry to say, and it is therefore not possible to apply your pro discount. But you can still buy it from the pro website!

  • I found a Golden Ticket, what should I do?
  • Congratulations! In order for us to verify the ticket we need you to send us a picture of your Golden Ticket on your Box. Please send this via the following page:

  • My Ticket has been validated - WHAT DOES IT MEAAAN?!
  • Awesome! It means that you’ve won an additional prize. 

  • I didn't find a golden ticket in my Collective Box - how else can I win an additional prize?
  • By filming yourself unboxing The Collective Box and posting the video to Instagram with the hashtag: #TFCbox. We will post creative fan-made videos to our #TFCbox blog and choose our favourite fan-made video to win an additional prize. Keep an eye on the #TFCbox blog to check out the featured content from fans and pro athletes alike!