Ski Sliders

You'll find on our ski product pages and on our ski series pages a number of sliders we use to demonstrate the features and uses of our skis. These are intended as a visual guide to the more in-depth technical ski information.

Below we've put together a short guide on what these sliders mean and how best to read them.

The Ability Level slider indicates who this ski was designed for. While, in theory, anyone could ski the majority of our skis, a skier within the slider parameters would get the best use out of it. For example, the Dancer 4 is a ski suitable for Advanced to Expert skiers. This ski is a wide, responsive ski which a less experienced skier may find more difficult to control. By contrast, the Prodigy 2 is suitable for Intermediates to Experts as its flex and narrower form makes it easy to turn for Intermediates as well as throw down tricks for the Experts.


The labels of the Terrain slider will vary depending on the series and its general philosophy. For example, a Dancer would see Terrain vary from Piste to Freeride. This is because this series is designed to slice through the variable terrain you might experience from Piste to Freeride skiing. The red bar is typically influenced by the ski's width. You'll find the 1 in a series will always lean toward the packed snow whether that be piste, park or beyond the boundary. 

Float is a 1 to 10 ranking of how easily the ski glides through the pow. A ski with a float of 10 should be your pick after a big dump of powder. This will typically have a wide waist, increasing the overall surface area of the ski and spreading the skier's weight out across the snow. 

The Lightness ranking of skis is a 1 to 10 rating comparable to other skis of a similar size rather than other skis in the same series. For example, the La Machine 1 and the La Machine 4 both have a 10 rating. This doesn't mean they are as light as each other but rather the La Machine 1 is the lightest compared to the Prodigy 1, Dancer 1 and Agent 1 and the La Machine 4 is equally lightest compared to the 4s in those series. 

For specific ski weights in (g), check the table on the ski product page.


Edge Hold is influenced by a ski's construction and highlights it's stability. Like the Lightness slider, this rating is in comparison to our other skis of similar size. Skis in the Dancer series have an Edge Hold of 10. This is the result of 2 thin sheets of metal in the series' construction, making for a super-stable ride.