Adventuring to undiscovered peaks together, plotting midnight-raids on inner-city handrails, lapping your home run until that last ray of sunshine… Skiing is Collective.

Some call it a tribe mentality, others call it a shared sense of purpose. This film is our definition, written by a diverse team, each with their own ideas, their own forms of expression.

“The Collective” is more than a sum of its parts. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – it feels good to be part of something special.

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Our first film, This Is Home, was screened at over 300 events around the globe and this time we're aiming for bigger and better. The world tour is an essential part of The Collective - bringing together communities of skiers from all around the world to share the joys of skiing and get pumped for the upcoming winter. Find a screening near you below, or contact us to host your own!

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Film premieres

05 OCTOBER '19

High Five Festival

Annecy, France
06 October '19

Morzine Premiere

Morzine, France
09 October '19

Gloucester Premiere

Gloucester, United Kingdom
10 October '19

Paris premiere

Paris, France
10 October '19

Salt Lake City premiere

Salt Lake City, United States
11 October '19

Bilthoven Premiere

Bilthoven, Netherlands
15 October '19

Sofia Premiere

Sofia, Bulgaria
16 October '19

Innsbruck Premiere

Innsbruck, Austria
17 October '19

Denver Premiere

Denver, United States
18 October '19

Milano Montagna PREMIERE

Milan, Italy
18 october ‘19

Welovepowpow montaz

Chambéry, France
18 October '19

Keswick Premiere

Keswick, United Kingdom
23 october '19

Husky snow club

Seattle, United States
24 october '19

Bath Premiere

Bath, United Kingdom
25 October '19

Welovepowpow Montaz

Grenoble, France
25 october '19

Pomona ski club premiere

Claremont, United States
30 October '19

London Premiere

London, United Kingdom
31 october '19

Michigan tech ski & snowboard team

Houghton, United States
01 november ' 19

Amsterdam freeride film festival

Amsterdam, Netherlands
01 November '19

Munich Premiere

Munich, Germany
01 November

welovepowpow montaz

Aix-les-Bains, France
04 November '19

Salford Snow Premiere

Salford, United Kingdom
06 november '19

Ludlow Premiere

Ludlow, United Kingdom
09 november '19

Winter Film Festival

Bourg Saint Maurice, France
13 November '19

welovepowpow montaz

Lyon, France
16 november '19

Volleges Film Festival

Volleges, Switzerland
16 november '19

Montana Tap House Premiere

Whitefish, United States
21 November '19

Braasport Premiere

Oslo, Norway
06 december '19

Gent Freeride Film Festival

Gent, Belgium
07 december '19

Diamond shop premiere

Adelboden, Switzerland

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