Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski



  • Handmade in Europe
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Available in store
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski
Faction Mana 4 - 2024 Powder Ski



All Mountain
park & pipe


Advanced and expert


Ski flex refers to the stiffness of a ski, and it plays a crucial role in how the ski performs. A stiffer ski will provide better stability at high speeds and on hard-packed snow, while a softer ski will be more forgiving and easier to turn, especially in powder or variable conditions.
8 8 out of 10

edge hold

Edge hold, refers to a ski's ability to maintain a strong grip on firm or icy snow while making turns. A high edge hold means the ski will bite into the snow effectively, allowing the skier to maintain control and carve precise turns. A lower edge hold will be favourable for those who prioritize playfulness, easy turns, or versatility in varied conditions. It all comes down to the skier's style and preferences.
8 out of 10


Float, refers to a ski's ability to stay on top of deep snow. Skis with high float will keep you near the surface of the snow, allowing you to glide smoothly and effortlessly in powder conditions and experience that wonderful sensation of floating on air.
10 out of 10


It's that special sauce that makes people seem effortlessly cool or skilled at something. You know, the kind of style, talent, or flashy action that makes you say, "Wow, they've got it!" It's like the sprinkles on the cupcake of life – it adds that extra dash of pizzazz, intentionally or not.
9 out of 10

product features

rocker profile

25% rocker
55% camber
20% rocker

ski shape

Mana progressive twin

The slightly skinnier tail + wider tip = superior downhill performance vs. a symmetrical twin. Tip & tail height are identical, however, for optimal switch skiing. Generous rocker + modest camber = wonderfully playful character. And moderate taper + Elliptical Sidecut = precise handling and carving

Skis Size Guide

Find your size with our expert advice video:

As explained in our video guide above, choosing the right ski length depends on a mix of different factors. On a basic level, height, weight and ability should give you a good idea of what length of ski you should go for.

As a rule of thumb, start with a ski around nose to eyebrow level height.

If you are just starting out, or at an intermediate level, then we suggest that you take some length off. If you’re a more advanced/expert skier, then we suggest you should push your ski length towards your full height or even further. If you are heavier than the average weight for your size, feel free to add some ski length as well.

Ski Size Charts:

Skier Height (cm) Skier Height (Feet'Inches)
Suggested Ski Length 
130 4'3 115-125
135 4'5 120-135
140 4'7 130-140
145 4'9 135-145
150 4'11 140-150
155 5'1 145-160
160 5'3 150-165
165 5'5 155-170
170 5'7 160-175
175 5'9 165-180
180 5'11 170-185
185 6'1 175-190
190 6'3 180-195
200 6'7 185-204


Go towards the lower end of our suggested range if:

  • You’re a beginner or an intermediate looking to progress quickly.
  • You want to make even quicker, shorter turns more easily.
  • You will spend most of your time on hard snow.
  • You have a cool head and like to keep the revs down.
  • You’re so tall, none of our skis are long enough for you.


    Go towards the higher end of our suggested range if:

    • You ski pedal to the metal
    • You’re skiing fast and aggressively in off-piste conditions.
    • You weigh more than average for your height
    • You plan to do most of your skiing off-piste
    • You want to look like a FWT athlete in the lift line


    If you’re still unsure after reading this size guide, please get in touch with us on our live chat and we’ll be happy to find the right length for you! 

    technical specs

    ski size 177 184 190
    tip width (mm) 144 144 144
    waist width (mm) 119 119 119
    tail width (mm) 137 137 137
    radius (m) 21 23 25
    weight per ski (g) 1850 1950 2050


    At 119 mm underfoot, the Faction Mana 4 is widest ski in the Faction Mana family, making it the dream powder ski for the deepest powder days. Its dependable paulownia-poplar core is complemented by a lightweight carbon weave, resulting in easy handling ski that can effortlessly pop and float above deep powder. Designed in Verbier, Switzerland. Handmade in Europe. Built to last.

    You'll love this ski if:

    • You want to float like a boat
    • You want a fat ski that turns a dime and is super playful
    • You're going to send big jumps into powder
    • You want a ski with a lighter construction to reduce swing weight

    Delivery & Returns

    We currently do not ship to Canada online. Please refer to our Store finder to your closest awesome Faction dealer.