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23|24 Season Round-Up

    The parts that made this season our best-ever

    These last 9 months have broken new ground for freeskiing and The Faction Collective. Minds were melted on screens big and small in our 4th feature-length film. We gave our athletes more autonomy and freedom than ever to tell their story and express their unique approaches to their skiing. With even more exciting things coming in the 24|25 season, it's time to round-up our highlights from this year's storytelling.

    Faction Skis - Abstract: A Freeski Exhibition - Official Trailer


    This year's feature-length film from Faction; a smash hit with audiences on our Global Film Tour and with snow-loving communities worldwide. Shot in Utah, British Columbia, Japan, Italy and Switzerland, starring one of the strongest ski athlete ensembles on the big screen.

    RAW SERIES: S01 E04

    In Niigata, Japan, street skiing aficionado Koga Hoshino makes his hometown his outdoor workshop, hangout, and unrestricted space for creative expression. In these snow-laden urban surroundings, Koga gives us a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energy of his unhinged craft, his crew, and his town, through his eyes.


    Two new friends navigate between dream and reality on ever more beautiful and aerial slopes, in this feature illustrated by Simon Charrière and featuring athletes Sam Anthamatten and Yann Rausis.


    Faction adaptive ski athlete Vasu Sojitra sets out to understand himself and his family heritage in a deeper sense as he travels to ski in his home country of India for the first time. Gulmarg in India's northern Kashmiri Province is the nation's sole ski resort - where many come together in the plentiful snowfall this area receives in the Western Himalayas to pursue the fall line.


    Swiss freeskiing athletes Sarah Hoefflin, Guilia Tanno and Mathilde Gremaud are whisked away to the mythical Arctic island of Svalbard, Norway, punctuated with dramatic fjords and incredible touring itineraries. Here, they step outside the freestyle terrain park and put their skills to the test in a brand new environment: the wild backyards of the Arctic Circle.

    RAW SERIES: S01 E03

    You're in for a treat as Dylan Deschamps leads us into a slice of his life - endlessly ripping the features in his stomping grounds of Québec, Canada.